2014-2015 Excellence Grants


The Future in Hand – Mobile Computing for Programming Robots, Analyzing Data, Creating Video - $6,900
This grant purchases 16 ROMO robots, 16 iPod Touches, apps and temperature probes, so that all 8th graders will do robotic programming, collect data with handheld sensors, and create videos, all linked to science curriculum.
Contact: Norman Price, Science Teacher, ARMS

ARHS Art Department Technology Update - $10,100
This grant purchases digital SLR cameras, wireless drawing tablets, scanners, other accessories, and some training in Adobe Photoshop for the Art Department. It will upgrade the photography curriculum to include digital, enable students to build high-quality digital portfolios, and give students access to new types of imagery.
Contact: Lori Lynn, Art Teacher, ARHS

Algebra in the Middle Grades - $10,000
This grant pays for 10 math teachers from 6th-8th grades to attend highly respected summer math course at Mt. Holyoke College. These teachers then provide the nucleus for a math study group to meet throughout the next school year, producing updated curriculum maps, sample lesson plans, and trainings for 6th & 7/8th math teachers.
Contact: Ian Stith, K-8 Math/Science Coordinator

Everyday Mathletes: Developing Arithmetic Fluency in the Early Grades – Professional Development Workshop - $2,500
This project supports professional development in math fluency to 1st & 2nd grade teachers in Amherst, Pelham, Leverett, and Shutesbury. This AEF grant will supplement district teacher training on this topic by paying for an expert speaker to kick off the training.
Contact: Anne Kornblatt; Math Intervention Teacher; Fort River Elementary School; Rhonda Cohen, Dir. of Teaching & Learning, ARPS