Thank you for participating in Stars In Our Schools!  

Step One:

Think of all of the teachers and staff you would like to thank and the total of how much you would like to donate on their behalf.

Step Two:

Select your donation amount  (Recipients will not be informed of the amount, only that you have contributed a gift in their name.)

To offset AEF’s printing and delivery costs, please add $1.00 per recipient. You can do that by using the 'Other' price field (for example, choose $52.00 in the 'Other' field to make a $50 donation honoring 2 teachers). 

Step Three:

During the checkout process you will be asked to enter up to 5 names of Stars you are honoring, the school they work in, and who the gift is from. 

Make your gift online by clicking the donate button below, or send your gift by mail by December 18 to guarantee delivery to honorees at school before their last day (see link to PDF below for mail in gift).

Thank you!


What teachers say:

“We don't always get to fully know as teachers the impact we are having on our students.  We can take stock of their work in class, and observe their behavior with others, but we don't know what they are storing in their magnificent brains and taking with them out into the world.  I have had the good fortune to be honored by parents and members of the Amherst community through their "STARS in our Schools" donations to AEF.  When making their donations, parents and relatives have commented specifically that they see their children singing with joy and self confidence and that they have an appreciation for music of different world cultures. It is deeply satisfying to know that what we do in the schools gets carried out into the community.”

Anne White, Music Teacher, Fort River Elementary School

Download donation form PDF