ARPS Teachers and AEF on Education

“If American democracy is to remain vibrant and functioning, historical knowledge of our diverse past and, as importantly, civic knowledge of the principles and structure of our government is essential. Our republic will not survive an ignorant people.”

- Gloria Davis, U.S. History Teacher, Amherst Regional High School

“As I help prepare young people to be responsible, engaged citizens, I spend a lot of time building an environment where students can listen to speakers with whom they disagree. Our modern society has made it very easy to tune out opinions and arguments we don’t like, and tune in only people with whom we agree. But operating within our own sphere means we cannot learn anything new. I want students to be able to listen to other ideas and perspectives so they can test their own convictions. Above all, I want my students to prevail based on the strength of their evidence, rather than the volume of their insults.”

 - Robin Clifford, Social Studies and English Teacher, Amherst Regional Middle School

"My fourth grade students love learning about what has come before them and finding similarities in what is around them now. I think of Ralph Waldo Emerson's statement, ‘Of the works of our mind, history is the record.’ It's certainly true that the teaching of history allows students to not only learn about the importance of the past but offers them the opportunity to learn from our mistakes."

- John Keins, Fourth Grade Teacher, Fort River Elementary School

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