Amherst Education Foundation Announces Its 2019-20 Excellence Grant Recipients

Completing its 25th year, the Amherst Education Foundation announces its Excellence Grants for the 2019-20 academic year.

Totaling over $27,000.00, AEF’s 2019-2020 Excellence Grants are spread throughout the Amherst Elementary Schools, Leverett Elementary School, the Amherst Regional Middle School, and the Amherst Regional High School.

Lani Blechman
Grant Amount: $6954
Schools: Amherst Elementaries, ARMS, ARHS
Description: The purchase of priority access to audiobooks, ebooks, and read along titles through SORA will guarantee students less wait time for popular titles and result in more equitable access to reading materials.

Angela Tor
Grant Amount: $4200
School: ARMS
Description: The creation of a sensory room at ARMS will provide a safe, welcoming space for students with a wide range of neurolgical, behavioral and emotional challenges, as well as trauma and adverse childhood experiences. This will better prepare students for learning and interacting with others, as well as help them develop a sense of awareness about their sensory needs and avoid or de-escalate future crises.

Leverett Elementary School
Grant Amount: $9000
School: Leverett Elementary
Description: A comprehensive inquiry-based science program that is vertically aligned through all grades will be developed with new reaching materials, hands-on materials, levelled nonfiction readers, and professional development.

Ruth Killough-Hill
Grant Amount: $7000
Schools: Amherst Elementary Schools
Description: 15 educators will attend undoing racism trainings and use what they learn to enrich social studies lessons using alternative histories of marginalized voices and project-based learning activities

AEF Trivia Bee 2017



2017 Trivia Bee FB Banner.jpg

AEF Trivia Bee! 
Thursday, October 26, 2017, 6:00-9:00pm
ARMS Auditorium

for a fun evening that includes over 100 players in costumes, raffle prizes plus refreshments, an audience trivia game and prizes.


NEW FOR 2017!
We will have a youth-only Trivia Round before the main competition. Teams of players 14 years of age and younger will answer age-appropriate questions on the way to becoming our first-ever Youth Trivia Bee Champions!

Admission is free and we encourage donations benefiting Amherst Education Foundation and Amherst public schools.

We are looking for businesses to sponsor our teams. Many businesses send their own teams, but you don't have to. We can match your business with a team if you'd like. New for this year are the Kids' Round! We're inviting new sponsors for the kids' round at $250. For the traditional competition rounds we have team sponsorship for $300, Round Sponsors for $600 and Event Underwriter for $1200.  

If you'd like to play and don't have a sponsor, we can help you out. We can match your team to a sponsor and we can even build a team for you to compete with. Our teams have a lot of fun!

We encourage everyone to join us for the evening. Even if you're not competing, it's a lot of fun to come and watch and you can participate in the fun audience round!! The kids' round is sure to be a fun addition to our night! We hope to see you there.

Ken LeBlond,
Meg Rosa,
Trivia Bee Co-Chairs

It was truly a night to remember!

Dear AEF Supporters,

We are still feeling the energy that was in the room on Saturday evening as we gathered together to celebrate Dave Ranen and many of our wonderful ARPS music educators. It was truly a night to remember.


AEF sends a special thank you to our performers for sharing their immense talent: the ARHS Jazz Combo, ARMS 7th grader Phoenix Ferreira, ARHS sophomore Sophie Schweik, and the incomparable ARHS graduate Michelle Brooks-Thompson.

                                                                               Michelle Brooks-Thompson

                                                                               Michelle Brooks-Thompson

We also thank the following businesses and individuals, whose support of this event made it possible:

Major Partners

Florence Bank
DiBenedetto Electric


Amherst College
Gerry’s Music
UMass Amherst
Hampshire Gazette

Thanks also to:

Amherst Cinema
Amherst Family Chiropractic
Amherst Office Park
Atkins Farm Market
Brenda Moore Miller
Daphne Bye
Encharter Insurance
Green Street Brew
Hampshire Gymnastics
Lumberyard Restaurant
Michelle Brooks-Thompson
Miss Leticia’s Music School
Patricia Szumowski
Rose Lander
Slapin-Solomon Studios
Thorne’s Guitar
The Toy Box

On Saturday evening, we announced that we had received grant requests for the 2017-2018 academic year totaling more than $80,000.  We were thrilled to raise nearly $8,000 on Saturday night, but we still have a long way to go.  Please consider making a contribution to AEF so that we can continue our important work of bringing programs, equipment, teacher training, and more to your children’s schools.

With deepest appreciation,

Amherst Education Foundation Board of Directors


AEF Releases 2017-2018 Excellence Grants Information

Teachers attending math intervention courses targeting underperforming students of color and lower socioeconomic students in grades 3-6 at the three Amherst elementary schools.  Funding was provided by the 2016  Champion Course for Elementary Math Coaches  grant (more info below).

Teachers attending math intervention courses targeting underperforming students of color and lower socioeconomic students in grades 3-6 at the three Amherst elementary schools.  Funding was provided by the 2016 Champion Course for Elementary Math Coaches grant (more info below).

AEF is pleased to announce the release of the Request for Proposals for the 2017-2018 AEF Excellence Grants! 

This will be our 23rd year of providing grants to support educators in the Amherst Regional Public Schools to support excellence in education.  AEF will be awarding $30,000 in grant monies for innovative, creative projects that address the district's improvement plans by addressing equity, district-wide impact, teaching innovation, and with a potential for long-tem impact.

See the link below for full information.

ARPS Teachers and AEF on Education

“If American democracy is to remain vibrant and functioning, historical knowledge of our diverse past and, as importantly, civic knowledge of the principles and structure of our government is essential. Our republic will not survive an ignorant people.”

- Gloria Davis, U.S. History Teacher, Amherst Regional High School

“As I help prepare young people to be responsible, engaged citizens, I spend a lot of time building an environment where students can listen to speakers with whom they disagree. Our modern society has made it very easy to tune out opinions and arguments we don’t like, and tune in only people with whom we agree. But operating within our own sphere means we cannot learn anything new. I want students to be able to listen to other ideas and perspectives so they can test their own convictions. Above all, I want my students to prevail based on the strength of their evidence, rather than the volume of their insults.”

 - Robin Clifford, Social Studies and English Teacher, Amherst Regional Middle School

"My fourth grade students love learning about what has come before them and finding similarities in what is around them now. I think of Ralph Waldo Emerson's statement, ‘Of the works of our mind, history is the record.’ It's certainly true that the teaching of history allows students to not only learn about the importance of the past but offers them the opportunity to learn from our mistakes."

- John Keins, Fourth Grade Teacher, Fort River Elementary School

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and AEF is the only local community organization that can impact the breadth and depth of what our students are learning every day.  Please join AEF in supporting our teachers as they work to provide a challenging and enriching educational experience for all children.

3 Easy Ways to Give to AEF:

1) Use the envelope provided in the letter you recently received from us.

2) Click on “Donate” above.

3) Participate in Giving Tuesday, November 29, by going to the special AEF giving page. Any donation made between November 22 and November 29 counts toward our grand total and puts AEF in the running for cash prizes!  

Thank you!