2009-2010 Grant Allocations

2009 marked a turning point for AEF as the organization completed a year-long strategic planning project under new leadership. While work on the strategic plan took up much of the time and energy of its board of directors, AEF continued its primary fundraising activities and was pleased to be able to present the Amherst Regional Public Schools a total of $20,000, divided as follows:

ARHS - $5,500, to be used to underwrite stipends for after-school club advisors and for faculty professional development;

ARMS - $3,500, to be used for professional development in the area of differentiated instruction;

The Amherst and Pelham elementary schools - $10,000, to be used as each school’s principal deemed appropriate, including spending on afternoon clubs and other enrichment programming, intervention materials for math and reading, library books and professional development;

Leverett and Shutesbury Elementary Schools - $500 each.