2005 Grant Allocations

These are the grants that were given in 2005 by the AAEA.  $21,073 was requested and $17,452 was awarded.

1. Adventure Challenge

Jane Keyes Ames
Amherst Regional High School

For the purchase and installation of equipment to support an adventure program based on intellectual, emotional, physical and value-centered learning process that includes challenge, risk taking and unpredictable outcomes on a 7-12 continuum complementing the Amherst Public Schools curriculum for Physical Education.

2. Great New England Energy Show

Katherine Keppler
Amherst Regional Middle School

A van-based traveling educational show will visit the ARMS for two full days with a professional educator who will make a 45-minute presentation to each 8th grade science class. Interactive activities with highly engaging activities will focus on responsible energy use and renewable energy options to enhance the science curriculum already in place.

3. Elementary Libraries Parent/Guardian Collection

Fran Ludington
Fort River School (collaborating with other elementary librarians)

A concerted effort involving all Amherst elementary librarians in providing a collection of books and videos to assist parents and guardians in meeting the ever-changing challenges of raising and educating children.

4. Amherst Regional Alumni Association

Wendy Kohler
Executive Director of Program Development

A new alumni association is being established for graduates of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District. The purpose of the alumni association is to:
- Gather information and communicate alumni information to past graduates
- Raise funds to improve educational opportunities for current and future Amherst public school students
- Provide volunteer opportunities for alumni to be involved in the public schools
- Provide a point of contact for reunion and other alumni activities

5. Multicultural Community Outreach Program for Families with Extraordinary Needs

Denise Emmons Andler

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council expects to train at least two parent "Resource Persons" with multilingual abilities to be points of contact with families in need. This outreach plan may provide the contact, knowledge and empowerment to encourage extraordinary families to have the discussions that can determine their children's well-being and success.

6. GirlsEyeView

Stacy Lennard
Executive Director, Youth Action Coalition

An empowerment project for young women that incorporates photography, creative writing, leadership, entrepreneurship, and social action. Participants learn how to use photography as a tool for communicating their ideas and opinions about growing up female, create public exhibitions in galleries and downtown locations where they facilitate discussions on the issues raised in their work, and run their own photographic business. This combination of activities raises self-esteem, builds life-long skills, and empowers young people to dialogue and take action on issues vital to their lives. GEV works with young women in Amherst in grades 7-8, in collaboration with the SAVUKA After-School Program.

7. Young Men of Color After-School Homework and Rec Club

Matthew Rigney
CS2 Consultant

This program at Amherst Regional High School builds upon the success of a program last year called the Latino Connection. This year's program will extend the focus on personal development to include a wider range of young men of color, and will mix strong academic support with athletic and community activities that will enage 15 students for 3 hours per day rather than 1.5 hours and meet twice a week for 16 weeks instead of once a week for 10 weeks. Students will assist in developing the program.

8. Closing the Achievement Gap Inquiry Groups Case Study

Blanca Zelaya
Amherst Regional Middle School

To transcribe the interview process connected with an Inquiry Group convened the academic year '03-'04 related to the Achievement Gap" at the Middle School to gather data through a case study approach as modeled by Sonia Nieto in her work, Affirming Diversity. Interviews will be conducted by an impartial and diverse group of persons from the after-school program and University volunteers. The findings will become part of the principal's action plan for the school.

9. Activity Materials to Support Visitation to the Special Collections of Jones Library

Terry S. Johnson
Mark's Meadow Elementary School

Materials will support visits by offering a pre-trip guide to the Special Collections displays that will be distributed to each 5th and 6th grade classroom teacher in Amherst, Pelham, Leverett and Shutesbury, and to each 7th and 8th grade English and Social Studies teacher at the Amherst Regional Middle School. The purpose is to make such visits user-friendly to school-aged students. The Special Collections Curator is very interested in collaborating on this program.

10. Elementary Yoga Classes

Terry S. Johnson
Mark's Meadow Elementary School

To support weekly yoga classes by a trained yoga teacher, Corrine Levine, for the 5th and 6th graders at Mark's Meadow for a ten week period. Highly successful yoga classes during the winter of 2005 were funded by the Robyn Konovitch Memorial. Teaching basic yoga postures and breathing can help students throughout their lives, particularly during the stresses of adolescence. An AAEA grant would enable to the school to continue this activity.

11. Robot Tech Support

Jennifer Wellborn
Amherst Regional Middle School

Twelve Boe-Bots (robots) that were purchased 4 years ago with a Lighthouse Grant have been heavily used by all four eighth grade teams in a Robotics unit. Each robot needs attention to maintenance and repair work is also necessary for some of them. It being extremely expensive to replace a broken robot, the purpose of this grant would be to pay a person to fix and maintain the robots already owned by the school.

12. Academic and other Initiatives for Maximum Success

Dr. Shirley Whittaker, MD
(All schools)

The overall goal of AIMS is to provide a supportive community for African-American Children in Amherst, to enhance their motivation for success and to support academic excellence. AIMS complements the work already being done in schools by teachers other staff and parent groups. The core of this project is A- Academic support, B- Broadening African-American Adult interaction with African American Children, and C- Community involvement.

13. Special Education Art Class

Olivia Goguen
Paraprofessional, Amherst Regional High School

An art class for a small group of intensive needs students who have difficulty participating in a regular art class. The primary focus of the class is to support students with developmental and cognitive disabilities to use art as an outlet for expression. A carefully programmed curriculum will help these students gain a sense of accomplishment and enhance their achievement.